Caleb Jaye Blake
Some attributes
First Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Blue-Green

Second Talent:Singing
Third Ancestry:British, French

Family:Owen Blake (father), Raelee Blake (mother), Evelynnn Blake (sister), Lintley Blake (sister)

Other attributes
Fourth Hometown: Hollywood, California (outside)
Caleb Jaye Blake - Famous Singer
TALK - {{{time}}}
"Hey, I'm Caleb. Welcome!"


Caleb was born in a small town in California. He has 2 siblings. growing up, he grew a love for singing. His sister, Evelynn, did too, so the Blake family moved to Hollywood when Caleb was 12. As soon as he started attending California School of Arts, he was signed to a record deal. When he was 15, he released his first album, and he became very famous.


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