Collin RaynerEdit

Collin Rayner


He's tall, slim, black hair, blue eyes. Got some strength in him. Generally dresses in leather jacket, pants, and boots with a shirt...of some kind...


Generally easygoing and kind; he can take a hit. (But if it's a punch, he punches back.)

Oh, and he's a bit of a 'bad boy.' He enjoys stuff like ninja cycles (racing them, that is), sneaking out after dark, using a fake I.D. to sing st bars and clubs...


Collin started singing Metal music just to get back at his overbearing, die-hard Christian parents. (He was 14 at the time-- he's 17 now.) He decided it was a fun gig and decided to try to make a living out of it, which is why he's here: to hone his skills and make a band.



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