Jane Dove
The creative artist and fun dancer
This Character Belongs to Jawn

Maxine peake


Jane lived a fairly good life up until the day she met Logan Jones. Logan was a boy at her college a bit of a show-off but he didn’t seem all that bad... At first... He married Jane pretending he loved her., made her have three children with him. Abused her and the children and then left one day to find a “younger woman”.  Not long after Jane met a lovely kind man called Elliot Swan they fell in love a married soon after. They too had three children together. They were happy. For awhile...

On the 18th June one year Elliot was out at work but he never made it home. They later found his stabbed body in an alleyway. Jane grieved for awhile before finding a man who was very different! He was kind, logical, very clever, gorgeous and completely in love with her! They soon fell in love. They married, had two children and have been together ever since!


Jane is opptomistic and social. She is devoted to her work and her "wonderful husband and children". She is highly intellectual, but she did not want to become a doctor (her parents had made her study to become one as most of her family had beeen involved in the medical areas) she wanted to dance. Her style of dance is contempary and jazz. She also loves art so does paint also.


Jane Dove
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born July 10
Species Mortal 
Family Sherlock Dove and her eight daughters
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 5' 8"

Affiliation                                                                                       WIP

Home                                                                                 The Dove Mansion 


  • She is an great dancer.
  • Her art is abstract and beautiful
  • Her model is Maxine Peak




Name Relation Elaboration

Sherlock Dove

Husband He is the best man I have ever known and a I completely at totally love him!

Eight Daughters

daughters I love them all dearly.