Lai Suder
Vital statistics
Title Pretty Tomboy
Gender Female
Age 17
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Lai Coralie was born to Grace and Markus Suder. Lai is 16. When she was born, she was very fraile. Her father begged her mother to let him take her and raise her like a son in Maryland, were the family lived. Grace agreed, and Lai grew up like a boy, with her brothers Steve and Tony. She grew up strong, and fast. She was very good at acting. She was very good in plays at school. She was probably one of the only girls that didnt act stupid.

Aswell as being an actress, she met a producer named Dianna Folger. Dianna discovered her and put her in some movies. She wasnt at all famous, never regonized, but appreciated for her role. Lai met a few famous people and her career was set, she did become famous aswell