Serena Ward
Some attributes
First Hair, Brown
Second Eyes, Brown
Third Age, 39
Other attributes
Fourth Height, 5'0


She was born in Hollywood to Josephine and Thomas Ward and went to a music school where she learned to play a wide range of musical instruments. She was not bullied despite her odd personality. She has taught at 3 schools not including this one. She now teaches Instrumentals as an extra curricular activity. She is not married and doesn't have any kids.


Serena Ward is the slightly crazy instrumentals teacher at the school. She dances and hums things when nobody is looking. Despite her odd personality, she is a very talented instrumentalist and one of the most talented teachers in the school.



Chest of old Musical Instruments

Chest of old Instruments She has kept these with her ever since her learning days, she is very protective of them, nobody knows why...

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