So Much Cooler Than You
US release cover
Kylie Atali
Released January 1, 2012
Recorded 2011
Length 60:00
Label The Killer Machine
Producer DJ Swaggy


Atali revealed she was signed on to Killer Records in 2010 and start recording the next year.

Track listEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. So Much Cooler Than You Kylie Atali Dj Swaggy 4:02
2. "N.B.T"   Atali DJ Swaggy 3:35
3. "The Winter Storm"   Atali Dj Swaggy 2:48
4. "You Got It"   Atali Dj Swaggy 3:48
5. "The Jump Start "   Atali Dj Swaggy 3:10
6. "Back of Your Car "   Atali, Meredith Tifiori DJ Swaggy 3:28
7. "Eucalyptis Tree "   Atali, Anna Jenkens Tifiori, Dj Swaggy 3:38
8. "I Came Upon Us"   DJ Swaggy Dj Swaggy, 4:22
9. "Tears of Life "   Tifiori Dj Swaggy 3:42
10. "To The Place "   Tifiori, Jenkens DJ Swaggy 4:09
11. "Ninja Blade "   Atali, Tifiori, Jenkens, DJ Swaggy Swaggy 3:43
12. "The Last Step "   Atali Swaggy 3:43

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