Welcome to Starlight Banners! Starlight Banners is a character banner business headed and founded by Bea. Read on if you're interested!

About Starlight BannersEdit

Starlight Banners is a character banner business. Character banners are basically landscape layout pictures. They include a pic of the character, the character's name, a subtitle, a quote, and in this case the username/the owner of charrie. Bea (me) has decided to create banners for the members of this wiki. 

Bea's PortfolioEdit

This is Bea's portfolio.

  • This is the background wallpaper I created for Beatrice Miller Wiki.
  • This is a sample I created for this portfolio.

The FormEdit

If you would like to have a banner for your character, please fill out the following.

Username: your username goes here

Character Name: the character that you want a banner for goes here

Char Model: Who is your character's faceclaim/model.

Vibe: Describe the way you want your banner to feel.

Other: This is where you should put any quotes or subtitles you want your banner to have.

Please create a page called "Starlight Banners/Your Username's Request". Copy and paste this form into that page. 

Waiting ListEdit

Please put the page you created (the one from above) and put the link here. Character banners should be done within 1-4 days depending on how busy I am and how many orders there are.

Finished ListEdit

I'll notify you and put the link to your banner here.