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    My Characters

    November 16, 2013 by BeatriceMillerIsTheBest

    Hello, all my little swaggies (You already nkow not to be offended by that). I would like to make an announcement that I have just deleted all my characters. This is because I've been inactive for a long time and I want to get a fresh start on the wiki. They will be replaced by different characters. 

    The reason why I'm letting all of you know this is because that means that all my characters I had before, now, never existed. I am recommending to remove any of my chars out if your character's relationship section or history if needed. Sorry that this blog is really short, but I needed to let all of you know this so you won't be confused later on.


    I'm feeling breathless, losing all my senses, falling like a house of cards. 22:07, Nov…

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  • BeatriceMillerIsTheBest

    Hello to all my swaggies! (don't be offended by that). In my opinion people deserve to have an emoticon. So if you want your own emoticon or you want a new emoticon just leave the image in the comments and write what words you want to use for it. Example:

    • (Love)
    • (Love Quote)
    • (Pink and Purple)

    Remember to leave your requests in the comments below!

    Over and Out,

        Swaggy Chic

    PS. To see all emoticons we already have visit: MediaWiki:Emoticons

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