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  • LoveLaughKenzie


    May 24, 2013 by LoveLaughKenzie

    Hey everyone!

    I just created out first Wiki policy:

    Please read it and consider the following. I will be continuing to make out policies I just wanted to share our first one. (it will most likely be expanded, as well.)


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  • LoveLaughKenzie

    Awards Show

    February 20, 2013 by LoveLaughKenzie

    Hey guys! It's Kenzie. I wanted to tell everyone to go vote for the Crystal Star Awards, even though you probably have. I think this awards show will be really fun! I am currently in the middle of setting everything up, including the host. I am also setting up a time and date that will fit everyone's schedule. Most likely it will be a weekend, and please message me any days you know you will not be available to go on and post. If you have any ideas, message me for that, too!

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